Life Saving Bleed Unit Barking Shopping Centre

Brunel Shipping Donate Life Saving Bleed Unit For Ricky Hayden Memorial Charity

Ricky Hayden memorial bleed kit

Brunel Shipping were recently given the opportunity to donate a Bleed Unit in Barking to help save lives against knife crime for the Ricky Hayden Memorial charity.

Ricky Hayden lost his life to knife crime in 2016 outside his home in Marks Gate. Since then, his mum Sue and her daughter April have dedicated their life to battling the horrors of knife crime.

The Brunel Shipping donated kit has been placed opposite barking station, on the ground floor of Vicarage Field shopping centre. These kits can be vital in keeping a victim alive, not only for knife and gun wounds but for any catastrophic bleed including car accidents and construction accidents.

We couldn’t be more pleased to support a charity whose tireless work across London has already saved lives and will continue to do so.

You can show your support for the Ricky Hayden Memorial Charity on Facebook by clicking here.